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Board Of Governors

Chairman Introduction

Dr. Syed Tariq Sohail

Born on 1 June 1943, Dr. Syed Tariq Sohail, MBBS, DPM, MRCPsych is a psychiatrist based in Karachi (Pakistan). After graduating from the historic Dow Medical College (1965), he proceeded to UK where he was associated with several outstanding psychiatric institutions and bodies. He obtained a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the University of London in 1969, and M.R.C.Psych from the Royal College, Psychiatrists of England, in 1972. Though, he was offered positions which could be quite promising for him professionally as well as financially, he preferred to return to his homeland with the sole objective to be able to serve his people and country to whom, he thought, he owed a lot. Back home, he was appointed to the faculty of Dow Medical College in 1972. In 1975, he established the Medicare Hospital, one of the first private hospitals in Pakistan.

Dr Tariq Sohail’s social concerns made him take interest in politics as they related to medical care. As advisor to the Ministry of Health in 1988-1991 he chaired the Drafting Committee of the National Health Policy, initiated many reforms, and represented the Government of Pakistan in negotiations with the World Bank, making a successful case for its support in the social sector. At the Pakistan Consortium meeting at Paris in May 1989 and 1990. He led the Pakistan delegation to the World Health Assembly in 1989 and 1990 and at the UNICEF Board Meeting in 1990.

            Dr Tariq Sohail’s interests and concerns do not confine to field of health education, management, and services; he is an active participant in Civil Society pursuits. He has worked with rights organizations and has played role in welfare delivery work. The organizations which come under the ambit of S.M. Sohail Trust, have research as one of their regular and substantial feature.

Dr Tariq Sohail founded Jinnah Medical & Dental College in 1998 and Sohail University in 2018. Institute of Historical and Social Research was established in 2019.

Director Introduction

Dr. Syed Jaffar Ahmed

A Brief Introduction

Dr Syed Jaffar Ahmed is Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sohail University, and Director of Institute of Historical and Social Research, Karachi. He is also a former Director of Pakistan Study Centre, University of Karachi. Dr Ahmed has a long and rich academic career. After doing his M.A. in Political Science with first class first position from the University of Karachi, he was appointed as lecturer in the Pakistan Study Centre. He did his M. Phil (Pakistan Studies) in 1987 and was later awarded the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship for pursuing his Ph.D. In 1993, he did his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge.

            Dr Ahmed teaches Government and Politics in Pakistan, History of Freedom Movement, Research Methodology, and Contemporary Socio-political Issues of Pakistan. He has to his credit six books; he has also compiled 20 other books on history, politics and literature. His authored books include Federalism in Pakistan: A Constitutional Study, and Pakistan: Historical Legacies, Contemporary Issues. His research articles have been published in international and national journals and anthologies.

            Dr Ahmed has participated and presented papers in numerous international and national conferences. His academic pursuits have taken him to countries like UK, France, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Ethiopia. He delivered lectures and conducted seminars in an international sea voyage from Singapore to Sri Lanka on the famous ship, Peace Boat. He regularly works with civil society organizations on issues of Peace and Human Rights.

            Dr Ahmed’s persistent efforts devoted to the cause of enlightenment in the society and for promoting the modern and progressive vision of Pakistan have placed him among the most notable public scholars of the country.

            Dr Ahmed is married; his wife is also a Professor in the University of Karachi. He has two children, a daughter and a son.

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