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Board Of Governors

Board of Governors (BoG) would be the governing body of the Institute. It will provide the overall guidance to the Institute, evaluate its programs and progress, and approve the budget. It will meet twice a year. It will appoint the Director of the Institute. It will be the final authority on matters of discipline. It will comprise 14 members. The quorum of the Board’s meeting will be 50% of its total membership. Chairman of the S.M. Sohail Trust will be the Chairman of the Institute and its Board of Governors, hereafter ‘Chairman’. Director of the Institute will be the Secretary of the BoG. The BoG may amend the constitution of the Institute by at least 2/3rd majority. If a new matter comes up for decision during two meetings of the BoG, The Chairman will decide it. The decision will be put up for approval in the next meeting of the BoG.

Academic and Research Committee

The Institute will have an Academic and Research Committee (ARC), which will discuss, evaluate and approve the academic programs and research proposals submitted to the Institute. It will also determine the respective cost of the projects and research assignments. The research will have to be approved by two referees before publication.  It will comprise senior academicians belonging to different fields of social sciences, scholars and researchers. The Committee would comprise 20 members and quorum of its meeting would be 25%. It will meet on quarterly basis. The director of the Institute will be the head of the Committee. It will be in the form of pool of member, from whom those members may be invited in a meeting, who are relevant for the research proposals to be considered in the meeting.


The Chairman of the Trust will be the Chairman of the BoG of the Institute. In the absence of the Bog he will make decisions which will be put before the BoG as ‘reported items’.


The director will be the academic and administrative head of the Institute. He will be the in-charge of the functioning of the Institute. He will head Academic and Research committee, or any other Committee which will be formed to fulfill the objectives of the Institute. The Director will be answerable to the BoG.

The Research Staff

Administrative and Support Staff